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Harmonic Fusion

Explore the enchanting world of MoldoDuo, where the fusion of Stefan Diaconu's masterful flute and Radu Rățoi's innovative accordion playing brings a fresh perspective to the music scene. Hailing from the diverse landscapes of Moldavia and Romania, their collaboration is a testament to the unifying power of music.


MoldoDuo's repertoire, rich in both classical and modern influences, has captivated audiences globally, from the grand stages of Europe to the vibrant concert halls of Asia and America. 

Join us in experiencing the unique blend of tradition and innovation that MoldoDuo offers, where every performance is a journey through a world of musical excellence.

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Stefan Diaconu

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Stefan Diaconu, a Romanian flutist of remarkable talent and versatility, has carved a niche for himself in the international music scene. Born in Rădăuți, his musical odyssey has been a blend of rigorous classical training and a deep connection to the folk traditions of his homeland.


Stefan's education at the Royal Danish Academy of Music and the Danish National Academy of Music has not only polished his technical prowess but also broadened his artistic horizons. His performances are a rich tapestry of emotive expression and flawless technique, captivating audiences worldwide.


Beyond his prowess as a flutist, Stefan is also an adept conductor, arranger, and music engraver, contributing significantly to the preservation and promotion of Romanian and Moldovan musical heritage. His involvement in projects like the re-editing of George Enescu’s Symphonies and Dinu Lipatti's works for wind instruments underscores his commitment to musical excellence and cultural enrichment. Stefan's multifaceted career is a testament to his passion for exploring the depths of music and sharing its beauty with a global audience. 


Radu Rățoi

Radu Rățoi, an accordion maestro from Moldova, stands out in the international music scene for his extraordinary talent and achievements.


Born in Chișinău, he has risen to prominence as one of the most successful accordion players of his era, with a collection of more than 40 prestigious awards. Radu's musical education, which began at a very young age, reached its pinnacle at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.


His playing, characterized by a blend of emotive power and refined technique, has led him to perform in some of the most esteemed concert venues globally. Radu's choice of instrument, a bespoke Pigini accordion, reflects his commitment to excellence and innovation in his musical expression.

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